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ROOFmatters organizes cultural events in which we show professionals and the public the opportunities on top of the roofs.

Our first and most requested activity are the ROOFdinners, in which we combine content (lectures) with moments of relax: the dinner on the rooftop. Also we organized different ROOFtalks: one during Milano Design Film Festival 2016 and one at ECOMONDO 2016. 

In the gallery an overview of the projects. Contact us for more information. 

ROOFworkshop II

In October 2019 we gave a lecture for the students of IFTS  (Istruzione e Formazione Tecnica Superiore). This specific course is dedicated to digital comunication and social media strategy. After the lecture about ROOFmatters and our work, the students worked on three challenges for the future of our project. 


Solutions where found in topics as event organisation, improving the comunication and opportunities for business development.  

IFTS Monza, October 2019


For the 34 students of Domus Academy that participated to the workshop 'Resilient Roofs' we organised a rooftour through Milan. During this tour we were welcomed on the roofs of Piuarch ('Orto fra i Cortili'),Superstudio Più ('SuperOrtoPiù') and the roof of Ostello Combo.

The tour took place in October 2019. 


Domus Academy Milan, October 2019

ROOFworkshop I

During the workshop 'Resilient Roofs', organised by Domus Academy in collaboration with Comune di Milano and Arup, ROOFmatters organised a lecture and workshop for the students, inviting them to think about the potential use of roofs. The three topics where:

- ROOFmap

- ROOFmanual

- ROOFfunction

At the end of the morning the proposals where presented and commented by us. 


Domus Academy Milan, September 2019


During Milano Green Week 2019 we organised a tour open to citizens and professionals. The aim of the tour was to show people interested in green roofs (and walls) what realisations have already been done in Milan. 

During the four hour tour we brought the 30 participants to the green wall of Hotel Viu (AG&P) and Sushi B (Sundar Italia) and SuperOrtoPiù (Tiziana Monterisi). 


The tour was organised in occasion of the CLEVER Cities project


Milano Green Week, September 2019

ROOFtour I

For the CLEVER Cities project we organised a tour demonstrating green roofs and green walls in Milan. The tour was organised with Ambiente Italia and Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti Milano

Aimed at professionals, we focused mainly on the technical and practical part of the design, installation and maintenance of these two typologies. Also there was the possibility to get feedback  about the advantages of green roofs and walls. 


CLEVER Cities, June 2019


"CLEVER Cities project aims to drive a new kind of nature-based urban transformation for sustainable and socially inclusive cities." http://clevercities.eu/the-project/

Ambiente Italia asked us to support them in the excecution of the action lab dedicated to green roofs and green walls. The main objectives of this lab are creating awareness of the potential amongst professionals and citizens and aument the number of green roofs and walls in Milan. 

Clever Cities is a project financed by horizon2020.  

CLEVER Cities Milan, 2018 - 2023


For the third time ROOFmatters participated to the Rotterdamse Dakendagen, a festival in Rotterdam. Friday was dedicated to a meeting for professionals. Experience about roof use and (financial) incentives in different European cities was shared. In the lunch session we co-hosted a short workshop with the Municipality of Rotterdam on the following topic: 'from theory to practice - how to make people realise multifunctional green roofs'

We where participants of the Rotterdamse Dakendagen in 2018 and 2016.


Rotterdamse Dakendagen, June 2019


ROOFmatters was invited by the Municipality of Faro (Portugal) to participate to a network meeting on roof festivals and the use of roofs in general. It took place in January 2019. Other paricipants came from European cities like Amsterdam, Antwerp, Linz, Nicoisa, POLAND and Rotterdam.

We discussed amongst others about the potential of the use of roofs and how festivals can contribute in creating awareness amongst citizens and professionals.


Faro (Portugal), January 2019


Nijmegen, Denise september 2018. Groenblauwe daken voor een leefbare stad


Congress Nijmegen, September 2018


In autumn 2018 NaBa invited ROOFmatters to give a lecture to a class of international students of urban design. Our lecture served to give them new insights in thinking about the urban space and inspiration for new, more resilient and green approach to the city. 


NaBa Milan, November 2018


In Spring 2018 we  were invited to do a lecture for the Politecnico di Milano, Lecco seat. 

We discussed the advantages of (multifunctional) green roofs, not only on the sustainability part of them but also for social and economical reasons. 


Politecnico Lecco, April 2018

ROOFarticle II

For ACER - Il verde editoriale, we wrote an article about the state-of-art of rooftops and roof greening incentives in Europe

The article was published in the Winter 2018.


ACER-il verde editoriale, February 2018


In February 2017 we gave a lecture on our work during the fair MyPlant. It was the network Green Cities Italia that invited us. 


MyPlant & Garden Milan, February 2017


The international engineering company Arcadis invited us to join them for a day on their stand at the fair ECOMONDO 2016


ECOMONDO Rimini, November 2016


In October 2016 we organised, in collaboration with Milano Design Film Festival, a short workshop and moviescreening on green in the urban environment. 

Aslowe've written an article that was published in the printed and digital version of the MDFF catalogus. 


MDFF Milan, October 2016


In Spring 2016 we organised the ROOFdinners. In three meetings we discussed different topics related to the realisation of multifunctional rooftops in Milan and Italy. Each ROOFdinner was organised in a different location, started with a series of lectures followed by an aperitivo on the roof. 

This masterclass was made possibile thanks to financial support of Ambiasciata and Consolato Olandese in Italia and the organisative support of Fondazione Ordine degli Architetti Milano

Milan and Turin, April - May 2016

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