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ROOFmatters sees opportunities on top of the city.


The aims of ROOFmatters are to promote the installation and accompany the realisation of multifunctional green roofs to augment the efficient use of unused surfaces in our cities that have to deal with urban challenges. 

ROOFmatters is an initiative of Inge de Boer (project manager) and Denise Houx (architect).

With cultural events, ROOFmatters informs and raises awareness of the potential of rooftops amongst both citizens and professionals.

We do also accompany clients that want to realise multifunctional green rooftops, from the initial idea to the realisation and maintenance.

Download here our brochure in Italian. 




ROOFmatters promotes and realises the installation of multifunctional green rooftops as we are convinced that there are many opportunities on top of the cities. By opening-up and animating these so far anonymous roofs we create roofgardens that become new spaces and opportunities for the densely built cities and its inhabitants.


By installing intensive green on the rooftop, the passive closure of the building becomes an opportunity to communicate with the climate: a green rooftop protects from extreme heats and extreme colds, it can (temporary) collect rainwater, absorb polluted air, and reduce the CO2 emissions.

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              Cultural events to provoke, to inspire, to wake people up,

                                                                                                    Encourage dreamers, support visionairs,

                            Convince property developers, residentials administrators, (local) goverments


                                             Feasibility studies, exchange knowledge, create collaborations


Product development, mapping results, involving different professions, increase networking

                                 Coordinating building process, ensure continuation of use and maintenance



ROOFmatters is founded by Inge de Boer en Denise Houx, two originally Dutch architects living and working in Milan. Their combined interest in making cities more resilient made them decide to start ROOFmatters, a collaboration in which they join their experiences in project management, the green city and architecture.


Together they can handle the different projects of ROOFmatters: from cultural events that stimulate citizens and professionals to see the same opportunities as we do, to consultancy and coordination of the applications of multifunctional green roofs, until its maintenance.



ROOFmatters works on rooftops in Milan and the rest of Italy. We are happy to organise events to animate rooftops and support you in the realisation of green rooftops. Don't hestitate to contact us for more info. 

DENISE HOUX          

INGE DE BOER        

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